In these days, where the safest place to be is home, what can be better than indulging in a game that doesn’t need space, can be played online, and enhances creativity, logic, and cognitive abilities for yourself and your children. This is where learning chess (or improving on your chess skills) come into play.

We at JustDK, and in our endeavor to promote and spread the game of chess, will start offering online chess teaching and training sessions given by the FIDE international trainer Mr Charles Kayle.

The lessons will cover a broad spectrum of skills from teaching chess from scratch to training on opening strategy, forming an opening repertoire, basic tactical themes, middle game strategy, the weak and strong squares, piece activity, types of centre, attack and defence, exploiting an advantage, positional sacrifice, maneuvering, initiative, transition to the ending, and the endgame strategy, etc…

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In order to make your experience as fruitful as possible and cost-effective, we designed different packages with different price brackets so that you can tailor your lessons according to your time and needs.

Mr Charles Kayle will be happy to help you design your lessons scheme without any commitment from your part. All you have to do is to click on the icon below to send your inquiry, and, only after having your questioned answered and your lesson(s) booked, you can pay for your lesson or your chosen plan.


Seasonal Plan 400x400

Chess Lessons: Seasonal Plan

AED 96.00AED 960.00
Up to 10 sessions (plan duration: 2 months)
Long Term Plan 400x400

Chess Lessons: Long Term Plan

AED 836.00AED 1,520.00
11 to 20 sessions (Plan duration: 3 months)
Dedicated Plan 400x400

Chess Lessons: Dedicated Plan

AED 1,260.00AED 1,800.00
21 to 40 Sessions (Plan duration: 6 months)

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